potting up tubers

pdshop(5)April 9, 2013

I received tubers way too early. I potted them up in potting soil and have them on a heat pad in the cellar. Should I water them?

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In the future when you receive tubers too early, you probably should just leave them in the packing material and put the box in a cool but not freezing place for a few weeks. As soon as you move them to pots, they will need some care such as water, heat and light. And it is a lot of work for little or no benefit unless you intend to start the tubers in pots. Sprouts on tubers may grow a bit in the packing material but that will not hurt the tubers. When you plant the tubers with long sprouts, you should remove the sprout if there is another nice eye. If not, you probably should cut it back to a few inches.
Be thankful that tubers have growing eyes. That means it wants to grow!

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Growing dahlias in pots is much harder than growing them in the ground. Good luck to those of you who try and some of you may succeed. My wife grows over 150 containers of flowers and such and we have tried dahlias in them with poor results. Even in giant 30 gallon tree pots, they do not do well except for the smallest varieties. They grow so much better in the ground.

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

I grow dahlias in 5 gallon containers, got free from a landscaping company that was planting shrubs, every year. They are in sun and need water every couple of days, staking and fertilizing. Not difficult for me. These are dinner plate sized dahlias.

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Have you ever visited a garden where the giant dahlias grown in the ground by an expert? You would be amazed. Here is link to an article about Steve Meggos and his giant dahlias. http://www.dailyherald.com/article/20120730/entlife/707299981/photos/EP9/?interstitial=1

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Darn, link doesn't work. Tedahlia, I have potted them up in cowpots, watered them lightly and they are on a heat mat. As soon as I can get them outside into a grow bed with covers, zipper windows and protection, that is where I will put them. It was 9 this morning.. My favorite one is in that bunch so I hope they make it.

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i just copied and pasted the link into my browser to check it and it worked fine. Alternatively, google this: steve meggos dahlia. That is how I found the article that I read some some time ago, The picture of the large pink one labeled AA 938 is one that he let me try in my garden last year. It was more than amazing, the nicest new giant flower I have grown in many years. It deserves to be named and sold. He told me recently that he may wait another year and introduce it in 2015. My wife fell in love with it too. I will be growing several plants of it this year and our garden will be filled with giant pink dahlia blossoms!

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mnwsgal 4 MN(4)

Yes, I have seen beautful dahlias grown in the ground and have done so myself. Just saying that IME they can be successfully grown in pots and done so without much difficulty in my area. Don't want to discourage those having no other choice.

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