Carrizo rootstock

arkberry(8b)September 28, 2012

Looking at a blood orange on corrizo rootstock. I am not overly familiar with this rootstock and have not seen a lot of posts or data. Has anyone had any expience with this rootstock or can point me in the correct direction (my current plants are all flying dragon). It will be a container grown plant.

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I have considerable experience with carrizo; it is susceptible to Phytophera... not a problem in containers; it is a full size rootstock, not dwarfing like flying dragon. For a container orange I would opt for FD, or Cuban Shaddock, which Four Winds Growers uses. There are others; but for a container I don't think you want a full size orange tree...of course that could depend on the size of your "container".

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jbclem(z9b Topanga, Ca)

I have a Moro blood orange on Carrizo, it was in a 5 gal container and, since I don't have a spot in the ground for it yet, I just moved it to a 15 gal container. The trunk is 1 1/2" just above the base.

Johnmerr, do you have any idea how this tree would do if I left it in the 15 gal container for a year or more? It's healthy looking, has about 5 fruit on it. The potting soil in the original container was pretty heavy, sand and something else. I washed some of that off, and am using a Supersoil and pumice mix in the 15 gal container.

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I am not a container genius... lots of people here are.

I am sure they will answer here to help you.


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