Fall citrus tree update 2012

tmc2009September 30, 2012

Here are what my citrus trees look like in the last week of September 2012.

Here is a link that might be useful: Citrus tree update video

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Cold converts starch into sugars.
Happens with more than just citrus fruit.
If you want starchy potatoes don't put them in the fridge, unless you want them sweeter.

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Not bad! I loved the video.

You know, it is weird that some years I get good fruit on mine too, then others, they are dry. I wonder if anyone has any answers? I wonder if it all has to do with the timing of the ripeness and or the timing of when the fruit starts to develope?

Thanks a lot for sharing with us.
' Side note...How did your figs fare this year? What is your favorite for sweetness? A few of mine split before they could ripen, but in general, they did ok. I too am a fig fanatic. lol


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I really enjoyed seeing your trees. Thanks for sharing.

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Hey, I only posted ONCE, and I don't understand why it posted this many times...Very strange!


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bonechickchris(7A/6B NJ 08731)

I know you! I watched your fig prop videos and others! Now I know your GW name!
I find your citrus videos intersting because I am in NJ, another northern climate, growing citrus.
Because my collection is growing too much, and tired of lugging in the citrus every year, and too many fig trees now to protect, so I am actively looking for a greenhouse to put up before the winter. Was going to post for suggestions,
I know you, MIke, are a northern grower too! I know I do not post often, but I do read a lot off the forum!

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RyanLo(NC 7B)

The dry interior and puffy rind is an indication the fruit was held on the tree too long. Because of your climate I would not be surprised if the rind is still green/yellow when "ripe" on the inside. Early September I would start sampling or ever earlier. Of course ripeness varies from year to year and your USDA zone.

When you only have a few fruit on your tree it can be very challenging to determine when a citrus fruit is ripe. Most commercial & home growers taste the fruit, but of course there are potentially hundreds of fruit, so sampling a few here and there is no issue.

Just for comparison purposes,(Zone 7) my Owari fruit is still fully green, rind is tightly adherent and fruit is still sour but beginning to sweeten a little. I will sample every 2 weeks until ripe, when ripe I harvest them all as satsumas do not hold well on the tree, as we see in the video unfortunately.

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Old_Eagle(7b - North Texas)

My wife's cousin in Florida recommends that you allow a light freeze to sweeten the citrus before harvesting it. We did this in 2012 & it worked.

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