Euphorbia Misera, slightly bonsai-ed

TT, zone 5b MANovember 23, 2008

Hi -

My little E. Misera seedling has been popping new branches (thankfully, mostly in the right places), so I wire 'em up when they lignify a bit. They are pretty pliable, so I plan to put more movement into them over time.

This morning, I stuck it in a pot I had, and put a little rock in there in honor of Caudex1...

I lost a few fine roots in the process - does anyone know if this species is particularly sensitive to that (i.e., do I need to withold water for a while) or can I let it sit a day or so and water it in?



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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Looks nice, Tom!
Those leaves are neat...they remind me of some eucalyptus varieties...maybe it's the red rock giving me the Aussie vibe... ;)

Thanks for sharing!


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cactusjordi(z10 CA)

Your plant with these long petioles seems to be E. californica and not misera.


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TT, zone 5b MA

Just googled it - and I think you are right! It was sold to me by Aridlands as misera, though...

Kind of uncool, too.

Guess I am back in the market for misera - can't seem to find them.


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Even if it is a lowly californica it will be a nice specimen one day. Restrict water/food and give it more light(tough to do indoors) to tighten up the foliage some. Won't have the short petiole like misera but will look pretty close. My californica grown in full sun with little water has petioles about a 1/3 of the length of yours.

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TT, zone 5b MA

It sits a few inches away from a 400 watt metal halide right now - I'll see if I can safely get it closer.

A few hours after I had repotted it in a dry mix, it started to wilt a bit - which got me concerned. So, I watered it and it perked right back up.


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Here's my largest one. Can't bring myself to remove that cross over branch.

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TT, zone 5b MA

I don't mind the cross-over branch at all.

If you mind it, what does it look like from the back (if you turn the plant 180 degrees and make that the front)? Does that help the cross-over?


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If I rotate it the branch at the back pokes straight forward, tried wiring but it too brittle and started crack so I stopped. Will probably leave the cross over as it helps balance the plant.

BTW, did you know misera flowers smell like old gym socks? Never noticed outdoors but inside at a show you could really smell it, quite pungent!

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What color are the cyathia of E. californica and E. misera? I bought one labeled as misera at the San Gabriel Valley sale a few weeks ago. It just bloomed with yellow cyathia, but from what I've read, misera is supposed to be white. Can these be variable?

Also, it appears to be in a pure gravel (not pumice) mixture that has probably compacted. It drains *very* slowly. I am going to take the pure pumice (and synthetic fertilizer) plunge with whatever plants I can, and am wondering if this would be a good candidate, or if it needs something that holds even less water than pumice. I know this plant comes from coastal cliffs, so it doesn't need much in the way of organics...

Caudex: I think the composition needs that branch to stay balanced, unless you go for a more drastic windswept or cascade look. Its just too bad that branch isn't coming off the central stem!

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two different misera flowers on 2 separate plants

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Here's yet another scheme that I cooked up:

I found a source for Euphorbia misera seeds. Assuming that I get them to sprout, and then grow to a decent stem length...I plant on braiding the "trunks" into a thicker, composite stem, and training the branches into a respectable Broom-style bonsai. Hopefully in time and with the correct pruning techniques...I might get a plant that resembles a Baobab ...sort of.

Before I embark on yet another one of my tangents, I'd like to know if this material is easy to grow, bend, work with....does this plant adapt to pot culture? Does E. misera go dormant...rot easily...need full, blazing sun?

Cant find anything about this plant as a cultivated specimen.

Just some basics will do.

Oh yeah, while on this subject...any updated photos of your plants?



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Anyone know how a poster can edit/correct, etc. postings?


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I know it's been awhile, but any new update on the great E. Misera search? I've been trying hard to find one as well, but I haven't had much luck really. I think they're the coolest little plants but they seem to be so rare. Is planting them from seeds an arduous task?


Did you ever end up planting seeds? If so, how'd it go?


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TT, zone 5b MA

Hi James -

No luck finding a nice misera on my end, but I have not actively looked in a while. You may want to check out of Africa, great Petaluma, arid lands, or rare succulents if you haven't already.

Can't believe I have had my misera imposter (E. californica) for five years now...


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