Copper band around raised beds

theras_gardenApril 9, 2007

Hi all,

I'm going to plant in a raised bed this year. I plan on nailing some copper flashing in a band (maybe 3" high) around the bottom of the bed to keep slugs out. Has anyone tried this before? or should I put the band closer to top of bed?

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Noni Morrison

HOW BIG ARE YOUR SLUGS? If they are as bg as our slugs they can stretch themselves up and over 3" easily. We have really big slugs here! If they are the small kind it might work that low down. I would put the band around the top, myself. Also make sure there is nothing close to your bed that the slugs could climb up and then swing over into the bed on. THey are masterful gymnests!

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Thanks for the advice, Lizalily.
You know I've never taken the time to actually measure my slugs. Sounds like a slimy task to me! ;-)
Your point is duly noted and I'll check out the little buggers to see if they are petite or gigantor variety.
I'll put the copper band around the top now.

p.s. the vision of a slug gymnast doing a tuck, pike, and double back flip onto my dahlias is quite amusing!

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