Any good yellow dahlias you would recommend?

steve22802(7a VA)April 30, 2013

I'm realizing that my dahlia collection is very weak on shades of yellow. Can anyone recommend good yellows or golds that are also good cut flowers? I have Hissy Fitz, Ahoy Matey, and Kelvin Floodlight. Kelvin Floodlight is rather big for mixed arrangements and Ahoy Matey has not performed well for me in the two seasons that I've grown it.. I also tried Peggy Jean and it was very bad, not one properly formed double bloom in two seasons so I trashed it. :( What yellows or golds have worked well for you?

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Chimacum Julia, Tahoma Lael, Ryecroft Club, SB's Sunny, Lakeview Glow, Bloomquist Barbara, Yellow Baby Pom are all good yellow flowers.

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steve22802(7a VA)

Thanks Ted. I especially like the look of Bloomquist Barbara.

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Yellow has also been the hardest dahlia for me to grow. I also opted for Kelvin last year and was not overwhelmed with it's production, so I moved it to another pot and got LemonTart.

Ironically, when I first moved in and had a huge yard to fill, I was buying anything and everything from chain stores and one of my favorites has turned out to be a gold yellow that not only produces 6-8 inch blooms on 4-5 foot stalks but lots of them as well. Now that it is established, it is sending up 3-5 stalks that last from June til Sept. The bad news is I have NO IDEA what its' name is/was. I have NOT seen it on any of the dozens of sites I scour yearly and apparently the store never stocked it again, as I check every year to see if I can find it. It looks a lot like Alfred C, a semi-cactus golden orange (excepting that Alfred C is a 10" dinner plate).

But over the years, I have tried, Sunny, Edna and several other store bought yellows and none did the job.

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I have a yellow NOID that grows really well, waterlily type, 4" blooms. Does anyone know what this dahlia id maybe?

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steve22802(7a VA)

David, since that gold dahlia is well established it must have lots and lots of tubers underground, you could probably make 10 plants by separating tubers. Why don't you dig and divide the clump you have to make more? You could also try scraping down gradually to the tubers to see if you could remove one or two from above without digging the whole clump. Another option would be to use some of the sprouts to take cuttings for more plants.

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Thanks Steve:

One is enough for me. I try to have as many different dahlias with different bloom times for each color area. Hence I have 4 yellows for the yellow section, 5 pinks in the pink section, etc.

The only time I have duplicates is if I am making a 'hedge' and want the same color or I take a troublesome bunch of tubers and plant several individuals (like you suggested) in different areas to see if they grow either at all or differently. (Like one in soil and one in a pot, etc)

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