When to transplant from pots to garden? Link to pictures

bevingaApril 13, 2007


Thanks to JRoot and the time he took to email me and explain the process to growing Dahlias, I went ahead and planted my tubers in early March and waited...and waited...and wow! I've got dahlias!!!

They are growing vigorously, but I'm not sure what to do now. I have an area set up to transplant, but I'm not sure just how strong the plants should be, as well as if they are ready for the garden right now. With the freeze that most everyone experienced a week ago, I moved mine inside to protect them. I am hoping that was the last of the freezing temps, but I know it is supposed to be in the low 30's this weekend/early next week.

From the pictures I've posted through a link, do they look strong enough to go ahead and transplant into the garden? When I transplant, I know they won't be rootbound, so what will happen to them if the soil falls off and all I have are roots and tubers?

Also, I posted one picture that has three stems coming from the pot. I'm not sure if that is three stems from one tuber or two or three tubers. Do I leave all the stems, or do i cut back to only one per tuber?

Thanks from this extremely ignorant newbie to all you wise, experienced, not-newbies!!!



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Your plants look great! I would wait until all threat of frost is over before planting them in your garden. I am assuming you have hardened them off to the sun and wind.
If you have more than one stalk per plant let them grow until they are about a foot and then pinch the extra ones off at ground level and only grow one stalk. You want to keep the extra ones going until that time in case you lose one or more of the stalks to bugs or whatever, then you have another one that will continue to grow. Those you pinch off you can root in potting soil in bright shade until they stand up again.
Plant them just like tomatoes as roots will develop all along the stem under the ground. Make sure you put your stake in the ground at the same time.
Go to the Dahlia Society of Georgia website and check under the menu item 'Dahlias that Grow Well in the South' and there will be a growing guide for Southern Gardens that will give you lots of information as to what to do during the growing season.
You are well on your way with those potted tubers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dahlia Society of Georgia

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Thanks for the link and information, Huey; it is and will be very helpful. There is a garden posted on the member pages from the town in which I live...interesting!

I have tried to harden mine off, but am uncertain about what I'm doing, so this year, I'll just have to learn by trial and error...hopefully more trial than error.

Again, thanks for your response and helpfulness,

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Sorry to sound dumb, but what does "plant just like tomatoes" mean? I don't grow tomatoes - so far have stuck to flowers. Maybe next year.

Thanks for the help!!


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plantlady2(NW Washington)

Katy-"plant like tomatoes" means you can plant them deeper than they have been growing in the pots. Remove the bottom couple of rows of leaves & put them in deep. Your plant will be sturdier & as a bonus it will grow more tubers at the leaf nodes.
Beverly- to harden them off you put them outside in a semi-shady spot during the day- not too hot or windy a spot. Then you take them inside at night. You can, over a week or 2 get them used to more & more sunshine but still take them in if it's going to frost.

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