Are they Dead?

harmonypApril 1, 2011

I planted some beautiful purple dinnerplate dahlias last summer. They bloomed beautifully through fall. I am in zone 9b (California), and I did not store my bulbs inside over the winter. Bulbs are still in the ground, and not showing any signs of life. How do I know if they are dead or not?

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keriann_lakegeneva(5B WI/IL border)

Dig them up. Are they mushy or solid or all shriveled?

They should be fine in your area though


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Thanks Keriann. I dug them up, and they are firm and rooted. No growth yet, but now I'll be patient.

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Where are you in California, harmony? I did not dig mine also. Some of them are already sprouting, but some are not yet. Yes, we have to be patient. I actually dug one, a Ferncliff Illusion, in November. It had so many tubers. I left it outside on a table, but I planted it back on the ground 2 months ago and now they are sprouting. I thought I lost them because they were already shrivelling and I did not see any eyes.

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Near Stockton. Was my first year for Dahlia's. Really loved them, but was too lazy to dig them out for winter. I am anxious to see how many come back. It's tough as you go into a nursery, and see greenhouse dahlias with lots of growth, and forget that nature doesn't give same results.

Same issue with my hibiscus. I'm tempted to pull them out and replace with roses as they look like sticks, but trying to be patient to see what is to come.

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