grow light won't work!

msugrl2010September 19, 2012

Hey all,

I was on here a little while back with questions about michigan grow lights for the winter, I just received my light today and screwed it into a metal shade I bought from home depot, and it won't work! :(! I posted a picture of the light, and I provided a link to the light that I bought so you all have more information on the light itself.

Can anyone help me out?


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krismast(6 S.E. PA)

Test another bulb that you know works in the fixture. If it works your Grow bulb is a dud. If not your reflector is broken and you can pick up a replacement reflector pretty cheap from most hardware stores. If your bulb is broken I would contact the place you bought it from and ask for a replacement or refund, depending on how recently it was purchased.


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Have you tested the light in a better fixture? Is it the bulb that doesn't fit, the fixture itself that doesn't work, or is the light a dud?

That fixture looks a bit to small for that bulb. Do they have bigger fixtures like the ones I use to get?


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It looks like similar to what I was trying to do a while ago and what mike is saying. Is the base of the light bulb touching the lamp? It could be stopping you from screwing it in all of the way so the connection isn't completed. It looks like you would want a bigger lamp for that sized bulb.

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When you hear hoofbeats you naturally think horses; but it could as well be zebras! Just because the bulb is new doesn't mean it works.

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Thanks guys for the advice. I'll go to another store to find a bigger fixture and see if that works. I tried a smaller bulb and it worked fine, so hopefully this bulb is just too big for it and its not a case of it being a dud.


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It's funny, after a second look at that I realize that that's the exact light and lamp I was trying to make work... Funny. I went and got the same lamp but about twice as big and it's working terrifically =) the clamp thingy just doesn't seem to clamp on as securely as I would like it so I taped it up to make sure it doesn't move.

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So glad that this light has worked for you! I am going to get a bigger lamp tomorrow, hopefully one of the hardware stores will have it. What store did you find your larger lamp shade at? home depot in Michigan didn't have it :( and I was sure they would.


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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

just an idea if you havent already bought a new fixture. You can get socket extenders for cheap if you want to use the same fixture. that would extend the socket enough for the ballast portion of the lamp to not hit the reflector.

I was in one of my electrical vendors shops one day last week and he had one of those lamps on his desk. I ask why he had it and he said no reason do you want it? I was thinking sweet a free grow light, then I realized it was only 2400k not full spectrum. Oh well makes for an awesome closet light, LOL


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I got mine at Menards. There are a ton of Menards throughout Wisconsin and I think they have quite a few in the surrounding states so if there's one by where you live they have a lot of good equipment there at a good price. What Mike said though is a good idea and you'll surely be able to find that at any electrical/hardware store.

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its better to buy the bigger reflector to direct more light towards your trees. the small reflector and the long large bulb is allowing a lot of light going towards the sides.

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LOL! lucky find! thanks for the offer. Sorry I haven't responded sooner, things have been crazy by me. Let me check a few more stores near me to see if there is a larger fixture that I can buy, and if not I would love to take it off your hands! thanks again! and I'll get back to you real soon! :D

the only menards we have are near lansing, and contrary to my screename I'm currently living far from Lansing, but It's good to know for a last ditch effort, Thanks!

Thanks for the tip! I'll defintely search for a larger fixture! :)

Thanks again for everyone's help! I really appreciate it! :D

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