trials for next year and Pollen Free Sunflowers

nana8(5)September 3, 2013

In the Spring I planted some Bupleurium from seed indoors. The germination was poor to start then I went on vacation. Only one plant survived my neglect. But it was healthy and grew well outdoors. Has anyone else tried this? Is the germ always poor? Also, next year I want to try some Dianthus Green Trick, and Blue Diamond Limonium. Has anyone had any sucess with these?
Also this Spring I planted 4 varities of Pollenfree Sunflowers from Harris Seed. Do you think these will come true if I save some seed,? or should I just let all the finches eat the seed.

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Pudge 2b

Bupleurum has the potential to seed out to almost weed-like proportions so I suspect this would be a very good candidate for direct fall sowing or an early direct spring sowing. Be sure to save seeds or allow them to self-sow, you'll never have to buy these seeds again :)

For an earlier limey-greeny-yellow, I always liked Lady's Mantle. The blooms smell so wonderfully fresh and have that nice frothy look. In my climate they always bloom along with peonies.

No doubt too late for your sunflower question but hybrid sunflowers do not produce viable seed.

I've not grown Blue Diamond Limonium but do grow regular Sea Lavender. It's an easy, never fail perennial that gets bigger and bigger each year. I don't care for the smell of the foiage or blooms, I find it kind of stinks. Dried stems lose that smell.

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