Blue Spruce replacements

nydepot(6)April 15, 2014

The home I purchased had mainly blue spruce on it (avg 25' tall) with some white spruce (say 70/30). No deciduous.

Over the few years, I've taken care of the deciduous part.

Once on the land, I had an arborist come in and they determined that the blue spruce had needlecast. Each tree has a different degree of damage. So all those blue spruces that help in blocking car lights, etc? They need to come out eventually. The worst was removed. Another is going this month. The needlecast can't be cured but it can be slowed with spraying.

On to the replacements. I'm looking for forum members' suggestions on conifers to replace the blue spruces. Some on my list so far are:

Norway Spruce 'Acrocona' - Picea abies 'Acrocoa'
Norway Spruce - Picea abies
Picea asperata
Picea omorika

I could add some more white spruce but don't want to get into another "this is what the majority of the trees are" and then with another disease, they all die too.

I try to go zone 5 for colder to be safe. And I have to contend with deer (although while the trees are smaller, I can fence them.)

Also would prefer trees to help with screening, not a tree where the branches don't start until 20' up!

Thanks for the help!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

not a tree where the branches don't start until 20' up!

==>>> no tree grows as a 20 foot stick.. so as to branch at that height.. it is trained by the owner/grower into that shape ...

my 10 year old 'Acrocona' is only about 4 feet tall .. unless i am confusing it due to this extremely long winter ... if i am right... its not going to offer you much in regard to site blocking.. anytime soon ... i will check it after last nights snow melts.. and it returns to 60 degrees ...

try googling the latin.. and adding : annual growth rate ... and see what you come up with ...

i would not waste money on spraying the pungens.. a neighbor has been doing such for 5 years.. and the trees are dying regardless.. i dont really care what the claims of the guy spraying are .. as to its usefulness ... i usually speculate.. its a boat payment ... lol ... just save the money for eventual removal ...

good luck


Here is a link that might be useful: you can do it for other things ... first link SEEMS to say it only grow 6 to 8 inches ... which isnt going to make it very big until deacdes pass .. which for most of us.. is a good thing.. but i am not sure it will sight block as you wish ...

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Picea abies 'Acrocoa'

Thanks. I see that now (height). I had it on the wrong tree list.

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Abies concolor & Pseudotsuga menziesii?

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