dogwood and trillium

gnat_nayrSeptember 29, 2009

Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum, was just referred to here by someone helping me with my idea and thought this might be the place to go..

Basically, I had the idea of drying and framing the provincial flowers of Ontario and B.C. Canada but am not sure of how to go about it or if it will work.

The "trillium grandiflorum" for Ontario and the "pacific dogwood" for B.C.. The trillium I am pretty sure I can get without out too much trouble, but since the dogwood is a tree I don't know where I could get say a branch or some flowers from. I am currently in Manitoba so I would have to get both shipped out but I was hoping that might not be a problem if I'm planning to dry them anyway.

Basically I'm wondering if you would have any tips/advice on both where/how to get a hold of these flowers, and then also any tips on drying them so they stay nice (if possible?).

I think I could get the trillium from a nursery in Ontario even right now, but the dogwood's main flowering is in the spring so I don't know where I could find that..

The person that referred me thought that maybe someone on this forum could help me. Either just with some advice on where to go, or maybe if I was lucky even have the means to send some cuttings? Also any tips on how it would be best to go about drying the flowers would be a huge help as this is just an idea I had but have never done this sort of thing before..

Thank you very much for any help!



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bfff_tx(z8b TX)

Sorry, obviously no one can assist or they would have responded by now, so I'm bumping you.

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