Blooming now

brittie(Houston 9a)April 28, 2013

I've got a few blooming right now, and several others just barely starting to bud.

I want to say that this one was Brian's Sun

This is a NOID. I don't remember buying one that looked like this, so it may have been mislabeled. Pretty though, and huge!

Some NOID dwarf dahlias

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Beautiful pics!
They all look so happy too.
Are they from prior years or new?
What a great idea to use tomato cages, but I have all small
varieties, so I guess I won't need them.
I never grew the tall dahlias, I was afraid of the wind here.
Thanks for sharing pics.

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Fun to see Dahlia pics so early - it is still crocus/daffodil season here. I have some small bedding Dahlias that I grew from seed that are blooming indoors, but its to early to put them outside.

Do you just leave them in the ground all winter in Texas, and this is their natural time to start blooming? or did you start them indoors and move them out?

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brittie(Houston 9a)

I just leave them in the ground. Both the orange and the purple dahlias are from last year. When the foliage came up for Brian's Sun, I put a tomato cage over it because I thought it was Purple Splash, which was super tall last year. I was wrong, and now Purple Splash is coming up behind Brian's Sun without a cage. Hmph. I might try to lift the one, but not if it's going to break anything. I'm super impressed with Brian's Sun, very full and bushy.

The small, red dahlia in the picture above is potted and from two years ago. I have to be really careful not to water it too much so that the tuber doesn't rot. We get 50+ inches of rain a year here, so that's a real worry. :/

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Brittie, looks like you have success with Dahlias. I am in New Orleans area, almost identical climate to you in Houston. I have heard dahlias don't work here in the heat and humidity. Do you find that to be a fallacy? I bought some called Sky Angel from Lowe's to try in pots because I was afraid to put in the ground as I'd heard they don't like it here. Any tricks/tips for us in the hot humid South?

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