Shriveled dahlias with hope

lorainevc(z5NY)April 14, 2010

This was my first winter storing dahlias...I stored the 15 in a big cardboard box with shavings. I checked them early on, but seemed to forget as the winter progressed. Today, I took them out and many were shriveled. Several looked good with eyes popping out. Others looked pretty good but with no eyes. And still others, very sad looking. I'm soaking them in a bucket for a little while and this seems to be helping. Questions...will the clumps that look decent (but don't have eyes yet) develop eyes? Should they all have eyes by now? Some clumps are huge and the eyes are growing in between. What to do with these? Can I just cut the clump in half and start in a pot, or do I have to have individual tubers? I'm afraid I'll miss and not get the portion with the eye. Please tell me the best way to get the most hopeful ones off to a good start. PS...I started them all in pots last spring and they did fine upon transplanting. Thanks!!!

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I'd do cuttings from the hopeful ones that are a clump with starts. Some dahlias are really slow to eye up- we still have lots that haven't eyed up yet. We have one variety that, every year Walt has a whole tray that he thinks won't eye up so stashes it somewhere & forgets about it- along about June- there they are-- growing like crazy! I'd start them all in flats to see what starts & what doesn't. Some people will put them in a baggie with moist potting soil & place it in a warm spot to get them started & not take up as much room as flats do

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