tuber condtion after winter storage

ajc_ajcApril 28, 2013

i am new to growing these beautiful plants..last year i bought two plants from the garden center and they did very well ...i took a interest in dahlias and learned that i could dig up the plant and keep the tubers over winter ... i did this ,,keeping them in a cardboard box covered in newspaper in a dark cool place. so today i decided that i would start these tubers outside in a pot. i live in zone 6b . when i got the tubers out of the basement storage they seem soft and spongy this ok ...the looked dry but soft to touch....i planted them any way ,,,but i'm wondering if this is the proper condtion to find them in ... this is trial by error i guess...thanks in advance for any replys with advice or comments

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Noni Morrison

It sounds like they dried out a bit but if there is no mold on them they should come bouncing back. I dug and stored tubers for the first time successfully this year (From about 200 plants). I Followed the usual directions, but was careful to dry them thorougly after digging, washing and cutting, before I stored them. They spent the winter in plastic bins in layers of peat moss or vermiculite, in my garage which stayed between about 40 and 45 most of the freezing anyhow.

By storing in peat or vermiculite in a closed bin the moisture that is in them is contained and the peat seems to keep it from pooling around any one tuber.

Congratulations on keeping yours alive this winter. I would now put them into moist potting soil in a warm room to plump up and wake up.

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Did you just plant them directly in the ground? Or are you starting them in pots inside?

I usually dont plant tubers in the ground until they are sprouted and growing, especially soft tubers, they can rot pretty easily.

If you place them in an open baggie with moist peatmoss or potting soil, and stick them somewhere warm (as mentioned above) you can keep an eye on them and make sure they are going to be productive before you commit garden space to them.

You might want to do a search on this forum about storing tubers. There are several different ways to do it.

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posting a follow up i saw new growth coming from one of my re planted tubers,,,,,keeping my eye on the other pot ,,any day now i hope my method of storing worked ...but i will research a better way at the end of the season

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