pictures of large potted citrus

msugrl2010October 23, 2012

Hello all!

Anyone have pictures of their large potted citrus? I'm curious as to what a 5yr old-10yr old potted citrus looks like size-wise.

Thanks! :)


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RyanLo(NC 7B)

Any specific type you are looking for? Orange? lemon? lime?

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orange and lemon are the ones I'm specifically looking for :), but any would be great.

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Hello Msugrl...

I have a couple of them. One is a Ponderosa lemon and the other a Navel Orange Tree.

They would be 3 times the size they are now, but I have to keep cutting them back because they have to sit at my work or in my house.
That's the thing, if I had a greenhouse in which I could store them into for the winter, they would be about 8 feet tall by now.

The other thing is that, if I could put them into a huger pot in which I could lift than what they are now, they would be massive.

So if you are looking for much bigger trees in pots, you need HUGE pots and to never cut them back. it can be done. I seem them as tall as 15 feet in an 'Orangrie'.

Here is a link you WILL enjoy. Look at the huge trees in pots and all the fruit!

Here is a link that might be useful: Huge orange trees in pots

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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Ooh, Mike! What lovely photos, is the Tower Hill Bontanic Garden near you? That lemon tree is just gorgeous. No wonder all the wealthy Europeans had orangeries. So lovely!!

Patty S.

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wow! beautiful lemon tree in those pictures! this is a dwarf citrus tree in a pot?! LOL! wow those suckers get big!! if you prune the tree to be no bigger than 4.5ft tall will it still make fruit? I know fruit normally forms on the ends of branches, but if you prune them back, then won't it have a hard time forming fruit?


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oh quick question, since I know mike and hoosierquilt are experienced citrus growers.

I have a few gnats on my oroblanco (there's not a ton though), do you guys have anyway to get rid of them?


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hoosierquilt USDA 10A Sunset 23 Vista CA(10b Sunset 23)

Probably fungus gnats from moist soil, Msugrl. The easiest way to get rid of them is to let the soil dry out, for the first inch or two at the top of the pot. If they continue to be an issue, UCIPM has some good suggestions for controls, see the link below. I used a bT product made for fungus gnats I found online. I had them in my house plants, and the treatment required soaking the pot with the bT and after about 2 weeks, they were gone.

Patty S.

Here is a link that might be useful: UCIPM: Fungus Gnats

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Good morning everyone:-)

It's Wednesday here and a whopping 43 degrees. All the trees are still outside.
It's suppose to be into the 60's today. I like that.

Oh yes, Patty thank you for that info on gnats! It's so good to see you, in writing that is:-) That is close by and when ever I want to create a peaceful atmosphere in me, I escape to this place, find a quiet area, sit and eat. I love walks through this place too. Let me link you to yet another walk in fall. The colors are so amazing at this time of the year. The citrus trees are full of fruit too. I would love to kill all the bugs on their plants though.

Msugrl, I am glad you enjoyed that as much as I did. I only wish I had the room to let them get that big, and they would.
I get a lot of fruit on mine although small, but would get a lot more the bigger they get.
I actually just plucked all the 20 or more good sized fruit off my Meyer Lemon tree so I could encourage tree growth. I can't eat the anyway.

By the way, if you are up to the challenge, I would avoid the fungus gnat thing altogether next year by using a mix that does not harbor them in the first place. Just a thought:0)

Have a great day both of you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Fall colors

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Hello, Mike,
Thank you for the gorgeous photos from Tower Hill! Where IS Tower Hill? (I'll look it up). I also wanted to say that I enjoy reading your posts and am very moved by your tremendous capacity for goodness and kindness and how you thwart ill feelings so nicely.

Also, how often is it alright to spray my Meyer Lemon with the alcohol, water and dish soap solution? My tree has blossomed and is blossoming still, but so far I don't think the fruit will mature....they keep falling off. The leaves are still on the thin side, but I think I'm on the right track now. I've had this tree for many years now, and it was doing very well. All my problems started after I put it in Al's gritty mix one year ago due to not getting the gritty mix right the first time, and potting and repotting it and probably shocking it quite a bit.

Thanks again,
Soussan (Susan).

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Awww, Susan, you are much too kind. Thank you for your uplifting words:-)))

I hope you googled Tower Hill. It is one of my paradise spots, next to my own home.

Susuan, if you have no bugs, I wouldn't worry about spraying your tree with anything but water. I will usually give mine a good shower in the tub or over the sink at least once or twice a month to avoid any issues and keep teh leaves clear of dust. They seem to relish this treatment.

If you are spraying or plants while in flower with anything but good ole 'natural soapy water' or a safe inseticidal soap, you risk the chance of loosing your blossoms and possible tender growth.

Once you get the gritty mix under your belts, your plants take off! Good job and keep up the good work.
Nice to see you here. Please, don't be a stranger.


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Thanks Mike for the info. I shall try to cart my Meyers lemon and bougainvillea upstairs to the shower, if possible. Since they are both standards, the shower is the only way. The others, including all the orchids, do get washed frequently in the sink.

I try to get to the forum as much as possible....I read the posts, although I don't do much posting myself.

Thanks again,


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