Spring/Easter Cactus ~~ dead flowers?

Lamora(4)November 17, 2012

Hi all.. and yes, I said it both ways~ :) I hope your weekend is going well for everyone.

My EC is growing good. I have 2 different colors in one pot and both are doing well. Both plants bloomed when they should have last May, one color dropped the flowers after the blooming was over, the other one didn't, it still has dead flowers on the end of the plant, but the segements are still growing under the flowers.. (was told to leave them alone, let them drop when they would)

My question: If the old flowers don't drop off, What is going to happen next Spring when they flower again?

I don't want to pull the old flowers off, (yes, I am afraid) Sould I let it be the way it is? Or should I take them off. I know Spring is a ways away yet, but dead flowers bugg me... ;) This EC has bugged me since it didn't drop the flowers, but it doesn't seem to be bothering the plant itself.

Any advice/imput/info/personal exp would be greatly apprecieated.

Thanks in advance

Marjie :)

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If the flowers are brown and detach from the plant with a slight touch, it is simply that they haven't been subjected to mechanical means of disassociation (lack of wind). If they don't fall with a touch, check for the base of the flower and see if it is swollen. This could be a seed pod, or, like many times with these, a sterile fruit. My experience is that these pseudo-fruit never mature and they persist for a couple of years. It doesn't affect the plant leaving them or taking them off.

If a lot of brown flowers are left, they are likely not attached and gently shaking the plant dislodges most of them.

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