Agave Problems- yellow/shriveled leaves

redpony034November 22, 2011


Large agave (appx 4 to 5 years old, started as a sucker/pup) has always been healthy/vigorous, but now has yellowing leaves!

Smaller agave (same age, but never has been as healthy) has super shriveled brown leaves.

They used to live outside most of the year, but I moved into an apartment and I had to take them to work with me since I have no real windows/patio. I've never been super clear on watering them. I used to just leave them outside.

I am more concerned about the large agave.

Thanks in advanced... Any tips?? Both agaves have pups...

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That is normal leaf scenesce. Notice that the most dry and shriveled leaves are the oldest and lowest. You may be underwatering a little, causing the plant to resorb and recycle the leaves water and nutrients. They look fine to me. No worries. You can remove the lowest leaves when completely dry.


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Red Pony,

In the spring, I'd think the plant would benefit from a repot in fresh, more porous soil. Cut the soil you're using with perlite at a 50/50 ratio.


I was thinking that myself, but have too few large agaves to have been sure.

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greenjay(Zone 6)

I've been having the same problem with mine this year, which stinks, because they are from a much larger plant that actually grew in my yard in SC. Here in Buffalo, lol another story... I am due to re-pot mine, so, I'll check things out then...Thanks everyone !

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