Planting tulips

gardengirl77September 13, 2010

Do any of you know if it would be OK to plant tulips in September in zone 5....or should I wait until October or November? Also, how much does a bunch of French tulips usually sell for at a farmers market?

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I'm new to zone 5, but when we moved here last November, I planted some allium and crocus in the ground. They came up great. A master gardener friend said you can plant bulbs in the ground until the ground is frozen. I think a potnetial problem with waiting til Nov is that if you buy bulbs locally, they may have been sitting on the shelf for 3 months and could have dried out. People seem to say October is the best time to plant bulbs...but I haven't been able to resist buying bulbs locally, and I still have a big order from van engelen coming next month! Yikes! Plus, a friend brought us some tulips from Costco--decent sized bulbs at about 27 cents each. Apparently deer really like tulips though, so beware if you have deer in your area.

I have no clue on the price you might get for a bunch of tulips, unfortunately. I posted about bulbs earlier, and people kindly pointed out that farmer's markets may not have begun by the time tulips are blooming. Here we have some winter markets we will be trying forced bulbs and early bulb cuts.
Good luck! Let us know how it works out. As a fledgling flower grower, I gain so much info from this forum. :)

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