Fall Laziness+A warm Winter=

bklynxmasApril 22, 2008

Can anyone guess what this adds up to? I had a good laugh this weekend as I was digging up the garden to plant my new dahlias, when I realized many of the neglected dahlias from last year were still alive and kicking!! I was amazed at the clump of Sonic Bloom - which produced about 18 tubers. Well a lot of these are going right back in the ground, along with my new ones!

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I live in Springfield missouri and for four years havn't been digging up my dahlias. Well they are already coming up again this spring. I have about 30 clumps along my fence. When I planted them I dug holes about 5 or 6 inches deep. I don't put mulch on them in fall. They are in full sun so maybe in the winter the sun keeps the ground warm. They are the tall variety, getting from four to seven feet tall in august.

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