What to do with plant after blooming season?

yinyang2204(z10 FL)April 6, 2007

Hi ,

i'm new to dahlias. I live in south florida, hot and humid. Bought a dahlia tuber at wallmart and it is blooming right now, full hot sun, no shade,not what was pictured on the bag though. completely different looking one. Deep burgundy with a yellow center, but it looks nice.

Now since I live in south florida I read I don't need to dig it up after the blooming season. Do I just leave it in the ground like all the other plants or do I have to chop the whole plant off??

This Dahlia was pretty easy to grow, no headache yet with disease,like roses and orchids.

If they all are like this I would like to buy more.

thanks for the advice guys,


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plantlady2(NW Washington)

Dead-head it & you'll have blooms all summer long. You can dig & divide & replant in the spring.

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It should continue to grow all year if you don't have frost. I would just stop fertilizing it for a while in December and January for a resting period and then start it going again when most of your spring flowers start to grow. You can cut it back to keep it manageable towards the end of the resting period and as the Plantlady pointed out if you want more plants dig in the late winter and divide.

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Deadhead for continuos blooming, the plant will wither on it´s own, when bone dry just cut the dead foliage and stems about 1" above soil level, you can leave it in the ground to over winter or lift the tuber to divide. I leave mine in the ground and dig them up every 3-4 years.

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yinyang2204(z10 FL)

Thanks guys for the advice. Sounds really easy , I'm so glad no pruning back like roses. How about when it gets really cold :-) like in the 40's Do I have to cover them up or will they be just bulbs in the ground with no plant and leaves??

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Nothing bad is going to happen to them in the ground.

Dahlias are native to Mexico ( Mexico´s national flower ), more specifically, they are native to the Altiplano ( the platteau that forms the central portion of the country between the Sierra Madre Occidental ( part of the Rocky Mountains ) and the Sierra Madre Oriental ( along the Gulf of Mexico ) ), I live in central Mexico so I´m in the exact geographic area origin of dahlias, I leave mine in the ground year long plant or no plant, I even plant other things on top of the tubers to cover the bed with color, so not even regular watering for the other plants has had a negative effect on the tubers resting dormant in the flowerbed.

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