Ornamental peppers

rita2004(8)October 5, 2006

Good morning to all, I have a quick question about peppers. I planted several varieties this year and just about now they are turning red and I saw a post awhile back somewhere on how to get the leaves off. Could someone share their knowledge with us on the board about how to defoliate these peppers. I guess I could use them with the leaves but I wanted to use them without the leaves and want to know a fast way to get the leaves off.



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Hi Rita,
After cutting the peppers into buckets of water, place them in a dark room for at least three days. The temperature needs to be right around 65 degrees. Our room in the little barn stays around 60 degrees this time of year if we're not running the cooler, and the peppers do fine. Anyway, after three days, shake the peppers, and the foliage should come right off.


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Thanks I cut them yesterday and put them in a bucket in the building but heh in Texas we don't get those kind of temps but there is a cool front coming and maybe it will cool off some. I checked them in the evening and none of them are wilted and I even put some into foam because I am planning on using them in some sunflower arrangements this weekend and they look good too.
Changing the subject, did you use the wild goldenrod in your bouquets? I am worried about people being allergic to it. If you pick it before it gets all fuzzy and not outright blooming, would that be the right stage to use it?What about milkweed? Can it too be used in arrangements?


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We have strange temperatures. One day it is 80; and, the next we're lucky if we see 55. So, on those days 60-65 in our barn would be warm :) And, right now it is 34 degrees outside. We had scattered frost last night. I am afraid to look at the field. We knew it was coming, and picked and picked all day yesterday for our Saturday market.

We didn't use goldenrod in our bouquets this season. I think we had a hybrid, Aster Solidago, last year with our dahlia bouquets. It seems there are so many people with allergies these days. We have a lady at market who brings "wildflower" bouquets. It hasn't been a good year for her bouquets.

And, yes, we use milkweed. You'll need to use hydrating solution for this.


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