Peachs n'cream flower size Info needed.

stephanie_kay(5a IL)April 6, 2012

I bought one package of dahlia Peachs n'Cream because it said they had large flowers. After I got home I looked them up and now I am reading that they are miniature, though one site listed them as dinner plate size. Does anyone grow them, that can tell me for sure what size the flower is. I do not want little mini flowers. I know about picking off the side buds but still I would like them nice size.

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Noni Morrison

This is a beautiful small dahlia...not as small as a pom but As I remember about 3" across maybe. IT is quite delightful but it will never be a big show off. I believe I have read that there is another Peaches and Cream dahlia out there that is a big and much brighter dahlia. I have not seen it.

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

Thank you Lizalily, I wasn't really wanting dinner plate size but also I did not want little tiny flowers either. I have a small yard and most of my display is spring. So I was looking to add a little color behind my iris's. I will go ahead and plant then when we warm up a bit more. I plan on pinching them to hopefully add some bushiness.

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Mine gets 4-5". Here it is:

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Noni Morrison

That is a totally different dahlia then the one I know as Peashes n Cream! The one I have is a Miniature decorative, Peacy orange petals with white tips which recurve to the back of the dahlia. I have seen a very different one labeled Peaches AND Cream but that is not the same as yours either. Is there really a 3rd one? Do you know the source and breeder of your very pretty dahlia?

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Red Hawk dahlias sent this as a bonus. It probably was mislabeled. I see indeed that when I google Peaches 'n Cream, other things come up.

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steve22802(7a VA)

I grew Peaches n Cream last year, mine blooms were around the 4-5 inch size. I got those tubers from one of the local dept. stores and they grew fine and produced lots of flowers and tubers. The coloration was quite variable and if you look through the pictures on the Peaches and Cream listing on Daves Garden you will see some examples of this variability.

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

Thank you everyone,
@mantis_oh thank you for posting the picture. That is nothing like what I was expecting.
At Daves Garden, the photo posted by Milochka is what I was expecting and the reason I bought them. Fingers crossed that is what I get.

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Stephanie - I also bought this one, earlier this year, from a big box store. How big was the flower when you grew it? Mine has the same Peaches 'n Cream name. Thanks.

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