Meyers Lemon Tree California- No Blooming

SeanPez(9)October 14, 2011

Hi All!

I had a question. I have just finished cleaning and fixing my garden. I had bought an improved meyers lemon tree from Costco a while ago, and i finally decided to plant it in the ground. The tree had lots of flowers on it, but somehow when i moved the location of the tree before i planted it, all the flowers fell. Now that i planted it, i still dont see any flowers!

THere is only 1 fruit on the tree. The other one the squirrel ate.. so now i have a battle with the squirrel.

What is going on with my tree?!

Please help me, what should i do? How can i make it blossom and bloom?

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Citrus set tons of flowers but only a small percentage of those flowers turn in to fruit. Once the fruit is formed and still small the tree will drop a good many of those fruits as well, it is all a natural process. Citrus are good at gauging how many fruits they can ripen without hurting themselves.

The less fruit it has now in the first couple years while it establishes itself the better it is for the tree. You want that energy to go in to growing roots, limbs and leaves not in to lemons.

Do the tree a favor, snip off that one fruit it does have, it will reward you with better growth. If it was my tree I would also remove any fruit that forms this spring. During the growing season fertilize it lightly monthly and enjoy watching it grow.

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Actually you do not need to remove the one fruit. Research by Purdue University, has shown that one fruit on a young citrus tree has no effect on the tree's growth rate. If your interested in further information on this subject you can find in the the Universities web site.

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Meyers in California have their primary bloom in January or February; the secondary bloom, which occurs in September or October typically results in very few fruits, especially if the tree is young or has fruits on it. The "problem" with Meyers is they are such prolific producers that if you don't take off most of the fruit during the first few years, the tree won't grow. You can find yourself with a 5 year old tree still producing 50 fruits per year and the tree the same size as when it was 2 years. If your tree is strong and growing well, you might leave 6 to 10 fruits from the early spring bloom; but not more than that; as the tree grows, you can leave more each year. All of this advice assumes, because you bought the tree at Costco, that it is on dwarfing rootstock, which means the tree will likely not get bigger than maybe 6 to 8 feet, but it should ultimately produce a cupla hundred fruits per year with good care.

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Thank you guys for all the advice! I just got some citrus fertilizer, and will be fertilizing my other lemon tree. Maybe i will give this baby a little fertilizer too!

you guys helped alot! Thanks!

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keep it fed year round and it'll bloom and fruit.

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)


Post the link please.

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