the shoots are up,do I water the dahlia from the top ?

adair_2008April 14, 2008

I have never tried growing Dahlia's before and I bought some tubers at the store.I planted them with 4 inches of soil on top put it by the window on Friday,and the shoots are up already. Should I start to water them from the top or put them in a container and put water in the bottom to water them?

Thank you all

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Poochella(7 WA)

Friday to Monday and the shoots made it out of the soil already! I think you have some fine healthy dahlias, for sure. You don't say what the 4 inches of soil is in; presumably some container. But if you want to put them in a permanent container you can do it soon and water sparingly until the plant is up a good several inches above the top of the soil. You want to wait for roots to form to help absorb excess water.

Containers do dry out fast, so if they're in a really warm spot, you might want to watch for parched soil and water more often, from the top, but keep it fairly light until the plant really takes off.

My two cents...

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I have been reading these forums and it is the only reason I never watered them well,They are in a small container till they started to grow. I have two shoots up in one of them,is that a good sign?

Thanks very much for your help,as I know I would have "killed" them on my own without this forum

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Poochella(7 WA)

Two shoots is a good sign indeed. Dahlias are pretty tough if you don't rot them, freeze them, overwater them to begin with, break them, rototill them or pour undiluted Round Up on them.

I am sure you are on your way to a nice plant, if only warm weather would hurry up, you could enjoy your blooms that much sooner. Good luck, you're on your way!

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I grow my Dahlias round my Ornamentle pond.The colours are so dazzling I have to wear shades.They love the eadge of the water.

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I am waiting too for the warmer weather,as I think I killed my sunflower's.They are too weak in the stem now and one snapped this morning. Gardening really is exciting.

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Adair, LOL! Yes, it's exciting, frustrating, disappointing, wonderful, satisfying, exhausting, and a lot of other things too!

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