Blooming dahlias at the nursery?

julianna_il(z6 IL)April 16, 2007

I was at my local nursery today and they had blooming dahlias. I think they were in four inch pots, but I'm not sure.

I'm no dahlia expert, and have only grown them from tubers. But these dahlias were real charmers (5.99) and a variety I've not seen. I think I need one.

If I do buy one, how deep would I plant it?

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They are probably startd from seed and grown in hot houses.
I have 18 that I have grown from seed this year but they are a long way from blooming size yet. They definatly cannot be planted until all danger of frost is past in your area. Same holds true for cuttings. and sprouted tubers. Since mine are all unknown, I may go ahead and set some out after the first of may here and take a chance on them making it, but still hold a few back in case of late frost. I would plant it a couple inches deeper than a 4" pot, if that is what it is in, and then fill in around it as it grows. Do they give any ideas as how tall it grows? jim

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This is how I got addicted to Dahlia's last summer. I bought 2 in 4-inch pots around mother's day. They were already blooming. Since it was after my last frost date, I just planted them at the level they were at in the pot. They were border dahlias, got no higher than 18 inches with similar spread. I got regular flowers from May through September, though production tapered off as the days got shorter, and stopped just before the first frost. However, considering that they were $5 each, I considered it quite a bargain.

One was a yellow FD that looked like a ponpon (2-3 inches), the other a blood-red semi-double (2-3 inches). Both were very nice, but unfortunately there was little to no tuber production, so I couldn't really find anything to save. I later found out that they were called "border dahlias" and were grown from seed. I found some similar seed at Target around X-mas time, so likely could have started and grown my own, but decided to move on to full size Dahlias this spring.

Good luck,

Thane T. (igwiz)

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