Ordered my first dahlias-do you know these?

phylrae(z5a/centralNYS)April 23, 2008

I have only grown two dahlias before...one from a bulb, and one from seed.

I went to Swan Island's website and found 3 that I just had to try...and hopefully I can learn how to overwinter the tubers indoors. Can they be grown in large pots outside, or are they better put right into the ground?

They are:

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Bumble Rumble-collarette


Does anyone grow these/have photos? I've googled them and found pics on Dave's Garden. I want them for bouquets. My husband and I grow lots of roses, lilies and other flowers from seed for mixed bouquets.

Any advice is welcome. Thanks so much. :0) Phyl

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Poochella(7 WA)

Hi Phylrae,
I've killed Fuzzy Wuzzy several times and hope you have better luck and better judgement than I did planting too early in cold outdoor soil. It's 4 ft tall, doable in a pot, but will still need a stake or support. I've had luck in ~14 inch x 14 inch shrub pots, no problem. Tubers form well, easy to tend and move if needed. Slightly smaller pots would probably work too.

Bumble Rumble is highly acclaimed for its colors. They should do well in a pot too. Great colors! Ditto for Giggles.

The only caution is that the collarettes have far fewer outer petals so cut flowers amply early so you don't lose those outer petals to age and thus much of the appeal of the bloom. I've had good luck with a couple collarettes as cutflowers, so no worries, just a word of caution on their delicate structure.

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Thanks so much for the advice. Actually, the order hasn't been mailed yet...
BTW, I noticed that CrazyDahliaLady has some of the same, but prices are a little lower, and shipping a lot lower...does anyone have any experience dealing with her?

Thanks! Phyl

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redhawkwoman(Pacific NW)

Hi Phyl,
She's my sis and we swap dahlia stock all the time. She is almost sold out and my sales closed on March 15. Her stock is good but I would email her to find out if she has anything left that you might be looking for. Mary

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Thanks, Mary. I appreciate your help here! That must be kinda fun, swapping dahlias!! I'll try to remember you next year! :0) Phyl

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Noni Morrison

Fuzzy Wuzzy is adorable! I have not been able to get a big plant of it growing but I do have it established now. I am trying to think of the name of the pink that is so great with it..Something Rebecca I think. It is a similar size scale withFuzzy wuzzy.

I have not found the collarettes to make good cut flowers. I would go instead with some of the poms. I run a cut flower business and we have found the ones we like best for cuts are Balls, Poms and waterlilies. Our flowers have to withstand the sun and wind of an outdoor stand so maybe yours have easier conditions, but I will offer up that experience for what it is worth. If I were planting them in pots I would use something as big as a half wine barrel for each, so their roots can grow unrestricted.

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Lizalily-- Would that be Rebecca Lynn-- a miniature formal dec. dark pink? It's pretty cute!

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triple_b(BC 5b)

I like collarettes alot. Two years ago I grew Wheels and it was a hit. I tried to overwinter the tubers but they were amoung the casualties (first winter at this you see). So I ordered it again for this year. Now since I got them from a better place than last time and the tuber seems bigger I am hoping for a better harvest of more tubers and flowers too. It never seemed to have more than a couple flowers going at a time. I am hoping it was just an inferior tuber and not a trait of "Wheels". Enjoy your dahlias! They are stunning flowers.

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Lizalily-thanks for your input. I do like the anemonie and waterlily forms, but have to admit that I can't stand the ball or pom form-they look like brains or something to me. They just are a personal turnoff, though I'm sure a lot of people like them. They remind me of that eyeball plant Spilanthes-just gross me out for some reason!

Triple b, I like many of the collarettes, at least from the photos. I just hope I can overwinter them correctly! :0) I'm a hands-on learner...SHOW me, and I do fine. Try to read and just follow directions, that confuses me! :0) Phyl

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triple_b(BC 5b)

so many people are that way. learning by doing is still the best way to cement the knowledge into the brain.

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