Timing for glads in crates

kitkat_oregon(7)October 29, 2007

Hi Folks, I am going to be growing glads in crates for next season and I was wondering how early I can get them started. Are they supersensitive to light frost? I do not intend to put them in the greenhouse if I can avoid it. Thanks in advance for any input. Kat

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I can't answer your question, but would like to know the process for doing this. I love glads, but don't want them taking up valuable garden space I use for dahlias, since they only bloom once. I'd never thought of growing them in crates, and I have a number of bulb crates. How close together can you grow them, etc. Thanks for any help and hope you get answers to yours.


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Hi Teresa,
As far as I understand, you can place the bulbs within about 2 inches of each other in the crate. I have been growing lilies in milk crates very successfully and I am really looking forward to doing the glads. I spoke to my supplier regarding the timing and he said that it is the frosts that hit when the bulb is already in full leaf that you have to be really careful of. So he suggested that we start them 2 weeks before our last frost date to be safe so that is what I am doing. I think that you should be able to get 12 bulbs per crate (milk crate that is) you may be able to get more but I thought that giving them a little room might be a good idea. Give the bulbs at least 2 inches of growing medium below and about 4inches on top and give them some support when the stems start to stretch. Good luck. Post back and let us know how you do please. Thanks. Kat

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what kind of medium would you use?

i'm planning on growing them next spring for summer-fall blooms.

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