wreathmaster machine--attention Bryan

maplea(coast BC)October 10, 2005

Hi, Thanks for the email Bryan, with hints for making wreaths. Can you clarify the double clamp bit? Do the branches extend between two clamps--is that what you mean, by double clamping? I know that other people (i.e. goshawker) are interested in this, so I am responding via the cutting forum.

Also, when making sweet annie and statice wreaths, with a 10" ring, the clamps extend quite a ways past the clamped material, and I bent them down with pliers. Is there another solution?

Also, do other company's rings work as well, in the wreath master? I am on the west coast, and to save on shipping costs it would be better to order from someone in Washington or Oregon--but they are not maple ridge rings? Has anyone tried used other rings in the machine,and do they work as well?

I just got my machine and rings, and am thrilled with it, so far. I can see that it is going to be a very useful moneymaker, for me.

Thanks, Bryan, for your advice, so far


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Yes. The branches extend through 2 clamps. This keeps it tighter. When making floral wreaths there are a few tricks. 1 is to put some flower both going out and some headed toward the inside of the wreath. 2 is to double or triple clamp everything. That makes it thicker in the clamp. When making wreaths always keep a hammer and wrench nearby, in case you need to fix them.

Most rings do fit any machine. If you find them closer or cheaper by you then try them out first. I have used maples, mitchells and cherokees rings and all work great. The closest I know of is mitchells, but I buy by the pallet from cherokee (4,800 10 clamp rings per pallet).

I now am just waiting for dogwood to drop its leaves. I have 500 ordered and everyone is biting at the bit.

For you and Steve a huge money maker should be pussywillow wreaths starting mid March through May. We usually make 1,500 to 2,000 of them. They grow wild so check with farmers, ranchers and government land owners.

Right now it goes dogwood, rosehip, manzanita, christmas (fir, juniper, rose hip mix), curly willow, pussy willow, birch, back to florals!!

Good luck and have fun. I will get some pics as soon as dogwood starts.


PS As far as pricing goes here it what I am doing:

Wholesale ($5,000 to $10,000 a year ($500 a trip))= $1.05 a clamp. So a 10 clamp wreath is $10.50

Retail stores (florist, gift stores, and craft stores) (under $5,000 a year) ($100 min a trip, if not add drop charge) = $1.2 a clamp. So a 10 clamp wreath is $12.00.

Ladies off the street $2 a clamp = $20 a 10 clamp wreath.

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maplea(coast BC)

Thank you for all the helpful information , Bryan. It sure helps me out. I have made some sample holly wreaths, and am very pleased with them. The pussy willow wreaths sound great--I have to find a source for them, around here. They grow wild, but are not that plentiful. I can imagine the wreaths are big sellers.
The pricing info is great to have, too. Thanks again. I don't know what I would do without all the useful things I have learned on the cutting garden forum!

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