Cut Sunflowers Won't Open??

rosybunnyNovember 20, 2013

Hey guys, I'm very new to gardening and cutting flowers for arranging. This summer I grew sunflowers for the first time and it was very exciting! I had read that sunflowers could be cut before they fully open, put into a vase and they would continue to open. However that was not the case with my flowers, namely Peach Passion and Valentine. Can anyone share their thoughts/experience? Much appreciated.

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Pudge 2b

A completely closed sunflower will often not open after cut. A good percentage of the petals must be starting to lift before cutting. Personally I prefer cutting when the sunflower is a tight cup shape, or that all the petals have lifted.

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Closed sunflowers do open. Years ago, After a hurricane flattened a field of sunflowers, we went through and cut all the stems so they would not curve. 90 percent of those bloomed over the next week or so. We cut all of our Sunflowers tight. (not yet lifting of the center disk) Less damage to petals while being delivered to florists. They usually are fully open for me in three days.

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Thank you to both for your responses.

I'm really puzzled why my cut sunflowers wouldn't open...????? The plants grew very well and bloomed plenty. Flowers had no problem opening fully on the plants.

I never cut any that were still tightly shut, only the ones about 70%-80% open, meaning the petals were already pointing outwards. Then I put them in the house which was VERY warm this past summer, which should prompt cut flowers to open(?).

Following the logic that perhaps the cut flowers needed more energy to open, I tried adding sugar and bleach to the water, but then I read here that sugar would over hydrate sunflowers so I stopped using sugar, and the sugar didn't make the flowers open anyways. I guess next year I will try the sugar method again and see what happens.

Happy TG everybody.

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