Opinions on Ambersweet orange

bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)October 3, 2011

I have 11 varieties of in ground citrus. They range in age from 3 years in the ground to 7 years in the ground. One of the trees was purchased as an Orlando Tangelo 3 years ago and I allowed it to fruit this year. It became apparent some weeks ago that there was no way it was a tangelo due to it's quite large size. I had a local commercial orange grower stop over and id'ed the tree as an Ambersweet. Luckily I had another Orlando tangelo but still annoyed me I did not get the tree I wanted. Just looking for opinions on the tree. The commercial guy is not a fan of them. The oranges are still green and will try them of course when ripe but just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or opinions on Ambersweet?

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'Ambersweet' has a habit of not bearing well for several years, and for the first few years, the fruit is of poor quality. So commercial growers hate them. But if you can wait, a mature tree will produce perfectly good oranges. Maybe after year 6? 7?

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My Brother lived in Tampa for 8 years and among other varieties he had 3 Ambersweets, not truly an orange, but sold as such; he bought them as they were sold as early season oranges with good color. A lot of growers were sold on them around the turn of the century, but they proved to be so poorly received as to become known as the "A" word of citrus. The color comes early; but in my experience and my Brother's they don't really taste their best until mid December, which is too late for an "early" commercial variety.

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I grow Ambersweet. Commercial growers might not like Ambersweet, but generally they are appreciated as a dooryard tree. I grow them, and find them to have a very pleasing taste around the 1st of December. Ambersweet generally produce a large size fruit.

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