tuber adoption?

cheryl_p(z5MI)April 13, 2008

Unfortunately I am not able to keep dahlias anymore and since I usually take my tubers out of storage each year this time, I thought now would be a good time to give them away. Does anyone have any ideas on good give-away places? I refuse to just "junk them" as I know some people do. They were properly sulfured and stored in vermiculite last fall, and while a little dehydrated, look planting ready with no rot, mold, etc. Thanks ahead of time for any suggestions.

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therahort(8 SC)

Is there anything that I can send you to get some of your dahlia tubers, as my ninety-seven year old mother is wondering when I am going to plant her dahlias, and I don't have any tubers yet.

Thank you in advamce/

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I would be glad to sent you as many as you want. If you feel inclined, you could split the shipping with me. Let me know about how much you want. I cannot promise specific colors, just a mix. My Page should have my email address.

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Hi Cheryl,

I would love to adopt some dahlias if you still have extras. I really wanted to grow some this year and just bought one pot of 'Romeo' to start. I would be happy to pay postage or I can look for something to trade with you. I'm sorry you aren't able to keep growing them.

Thanks so much for your consideration! :)
(P.S. I will send a copy of this to your email too.)

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Hi Cheryl,

I, too, would love to adopt some of your tubers. I would be happy to pay all postage, and any other shipping costs incurred. I made a big mistake storing my tubers last fall, and lost all of them. Thank you. suzegarden

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Hi cheryl,
I would be happy to send postage for sending tubers to me. Thank you.

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pmkgero1(z5b IL)

I would love to adopt your babys! Let me know what the postage is and I'll give you my mailing add.

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