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marymargaret21November 23, 2009

I have a "new" garden about 20 X 30 feet in the south lawn, full, full sun.

If you were going to plant roses, herbs, some vegetables and cut flowers, what would you plant??

I would love to plant "ground covers" under all the other stuff to keep out weeds. Must do!

I would be very grateful for your advice! You have no idea. I'm perplexed. Down right undecided!

Have a great day, MaryMargaret

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This is like asking: "What's child is your favorite?"

If you are new to gardening start with the easiest to grow:

Veggies: Tomatoes, peppers, cukes, squash, broccoli, beans

Herbs: Basil, dill, parsley, cilantro.

Cut flowers (choose tall, large flowering types): Zinnia, Aster, Rudbeckia, Celosia, Scabiosa, Sunflowers.

Roses (Many roses are difficult to grow without some chemical/pesticides [UGH!) Try "shrub" roses or some of the resistance "tea" roses.

Ground Covers: Try the rock garden variety of Sedums; thyme, saponaria (soapwort), phlox.

There are so many plants to try. Go through seed catalogs if you grow your own, ask questions of other gardeners, go to greenhouses & nurseries.

Remember: The most important part of gardening is the soil! Make sure you have good, fluffy soil, full of life, compost, manure, green manure, etc., and I highly recommend being Organic!

Good luck!

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I am definitely organic! And that's a nice list. Thank you! I'll copy it into my organic gardening folder!

I have a very interesting garden layout design with three "box" type trellises for climbing roses (probably iceberg) set equidistant in the middle of the garden (one at each end and one in the middle), veggies, herbs, and flowers in the remaining space. Mowing strip to keep the blasted Bermuda out, hopefully.

I haven't worked out exactly what to plant where. I'm all ears for suggestions!

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While I grow lots of vegetable my real passion is flowers. I have flower beds scattered throughout my property and in amongst the vegetable beds. Flowers attract beneficial insects and pollinators which are vital to a healthy, thriving garden. I never use chemicals or pesticides and my gardens do very well. There is a natural balance between unwanted and wanted insects and there's nothing like fresh vegetables from the garden free from poison and a beautiful bouquet of flowers to adorn your home. Nature works better than humans . . . so letter Nature be your guide.

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