Aloe Vera Seeds?

hawkeyesrule(Iowa)November 1, 2005

Are there such things a aloe vera seeds? I am looking for aloe vera plants for my students. What is the cheapest way to get these plants?

Todd Boender

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

They certainly exist. Many specialist cactus/succulent suppliers won't have them since it isn't always considered the moist choice species to collect and they are also extremely easy to propagate from pups.

I've linked one source, I'm sure there are others. The seed appears to be quite expensive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aloe Vera seed

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You might check the members list on the seed exchange forum. I have traded for them before  usually from Southwest traders. Eight dollars plus shipping on the site above is quite expensive for Aloe Vera seeds  especially when there are only 10 seeds & they are not large seeds.
Although Aloe Vera is quick to put out pups, it is fun to start aloe from seed. If you want to try a different variety, the site below sells Aloe Ferox for $2.75/25. Shipping is minimal, if any, & they sell good seeds. They are easy to germinate, but are slow growing.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cape aloe

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cactusjordi(z10 CA)

I learned from a commercial Aloe vera propagator that A. vera scarcely sets seeds. Maybe seeds of it are really rare and hence the high price.


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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

I've already posted on this thread on the houseplants forum where it is also posted. But, reading the followups here I wanted to add that the two sources listed above are way over priced. Why pay three to ten times the price for seeds. I just looked at Mesa Gardens list of aloe seeds and ferox, for example, is listed at 65 cents. They list about 13 species at 85 cents or less and dozens at a dollar a packet. They also sell larger quantities for much less than the above offering. Mesa has a very good reputation. The url to their succulents seed list is linked below.

By the way, the reason why A. vera is not offered as seed is that it, like almost all aloe sps, is self incompatible, so seed set requires two different clones. A. vera is largely available as a single clone, mass produced throughout the world and not found in nature. Even the native habitat of vera is uncertain. It is an ancient plant. So, to produce seed one would have to find two separate clones, which may or may not exist. Then they would need to flower in unison and be cross pollinated. Why bother when this plant is so readily available. I would be suspect of any "Aloe vera" seed being offered by anyone not expert in succulents. It could easily be some other species or hybrid.


Here is a link that might be useful: Mesa

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That is good information Jon. I have seen many positive posts regarding Mesa Gardens, & their price is certainly cheaper. The company I used sent me many extra seeds & did not charge me shipping, but it may have been because I was a repeat customer. You have to go by what is on paper.
Jon - I have another question for you. I have 2 neighbors, whose Aloe Vera plants flower at the same time. They plants are about 1000 feet apart. Would this be the kind of situation you describe in which seeds are likely to set?

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jon_d(Northern Calif.)

To answer your question: No. If the plants are from the same clone they cannot set seed. Since this aloe is vegetatively propagated, the plants from near and far are all most likely the same clone, so self-sterile. It doesn't matter how far away they are or how distant they are, as cuttings from the same orginal plant. With most aloes there are plenty of different clones being grown. But, sometimes only one clone comes into cultivation and all subsequent plants are grown from cuttings or cloned in the lab. There may be other clones of Aloe vera out there, and there is the plant "Aloe vera chinensis" which has spotted leaves. Whatever that one is, it may be a different clone or it may be an old vera hybrid. But, I believe that vera is one species that is mostly grown from vegetative propagation of a single clone. This may be because it is not found in nature and has been vegetatively propagated for centuries.

But, if you flower vera, it will set seed if cross pollinated with a different species--thus making hybrid seed. I did this when I crossed it with hemingii (aka "harlana"). The result was a beautiful slow growing hybrid.

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Thanks for the great information, Jon.

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hi, i remember when i was a child i had a teacher that had a aloe vera plant in her class room and i dont know if i remember wrong but whenever a peice would brake off the plant she would take it and put it in water and eventually it would grow.. is this true or did i remember wrong?

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borrego(Z 10 L.A. Cal.)

Hajir - you remembered wrong. Aloe vera will rot and die if placed directly in water for sustained periods of time.

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Back to the matter at hand, the students, I think a pretty good way to get a bunch for cheap is to talk to a local plant store that caries what you want and find out their supplier. Then talk to that greenhouse about buying a couple flats of young pups that are too small to sell on their own.

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a friend of mine has a Aloe Vera plant were are the seeds or how do i get a new one from it
thank you

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Jon u truely sound like u know ur stufff about Veras,,, Ive loved aloes since as long as i can remember since it was one of my mothers and grandmothers favorite plants.... i have a few myself and there a treat to take care of but i am looking for the oldest most largest species i can start growing from a seed or a pup, i want my mother and grandmother to look down from the heavens and be proud of her grandsons/sons aloe. Can u Help? email me

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