bowmaking & buying materials for wreaths

lindaohioNovember 8, 2007

My family would like to make some fir and pine wreaths to sell this Christmas. For decorated wreaths, is there a mechanical bowmaker that anyone can recommend and also a source for ribbon? There are several live Christmas tree farms in our area that do not sell wreaths. I was thinking of approaching them about getting some of their "ugly" unsellable trees and trimmings. Are there any suggestions on pricing these trees. Also is there a rule of thumb for how many branches will be needed to complete, say a 10 inch clamp wreath? Any and all help would be appreciated to get this project off the ground. (We've already obtained a simple wreath clamp machine.)

Thanks, lindaohio

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maplea(coast BC)

I get my ribbon from . They have good prices on the 100yd rolls. I just make my bows by hand. After doing it a while, you get pretty quick. I am not sure how much better a mechanical bow maker would be. I think maple ridge sells them, too, though.
Happy holidays--the christmas wreath season can be hectic. Good luck!

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heidi41(z5 Mass)

I have in the past ordered some ribbon from Santa's Wholesale The price of their l00 yard rolls was 14.99. I was able to make approx 30 bows from each roll. They have several colors to choose from. Also I buy a lot of my ribbon on clearance right after xmas. As Maplea said, the wreath making season is very hectic. A lot of product gets made in a VERY SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME. I also make my bows by hand. Good luck, Heidi

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Linda, as far as material goes there alot of ways to get it cheaper then a tree farm.

1. Landfill: There are alot of tree trimmers around that cut and haul tons to the landfill. Or call around to the tree trimmers. Look for Fir, Pine, Juniper, Cedar, Holly, Oregon grape.

2. Wholesalers: If you have a resale license a wholesaler might be the way to go. A few around here are selling fir a $1 a pound delivered. This is nice when you figure gas into the picture!

3. Forest service permits: Alot of FS permits are cheap. Ask for a bough permit and tell them that you only want to take low lying boughs. This is fun and a great family thing to do. Make sure to take good gloves, plenty of twine and treats. Also remember your camera.

If you do go to a tree farm, you might ask to trade wreaths for trees. Some types of trees take a lot of bough though. From a tree farm I would guess 4 to 5 wreaths from a 12' tree. At $60 to $100 a tree boughs get pricey fast.

If you planning on making alot. I would focus on get the materials and wreath making. Have someone else make the bows.

We are in it heavy right now. We are making wreaths, door charms, arches, kissing balls and doing some home decor for a few houses.

Good luck to all. Send us some rain, my pernennials could use it.


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