Meyer with 36 immature fruit, what to expect?

millymooOctober 17, 2012

I brought in my Meyer lemon tree recently after it spent the summer outside.

It has 36 fruit on it, how much can I expect it to drop?

I repotted it from a 5 gal into about a 10gal pot, if that matters.

I've placed the tree in a south-eastern facing window and really hope to keep it going through to spring.

I hope I can retain some of the fruit. Tips?

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RyanLo(NC 7B)

Somewhere in between none and all. I have a Meyer lemon in a 30 gallon container that has been moved from a nice sunny location into a greenhouse a month ago. I have not lost a single leaf or fruit. I have done this for several years now with this and many other citrus trees, It is not easy but it can be done. It all depending on how well you take care of your tree. As long as the transition to its new home is gradual, soil temps are correct, Limited or no root damage during transplant, soil mix is light & well draining, humidity is above 50%, Light levels & fertilizer correspond to temps, I would say no fruit will drop. If you are unable to supply the needs of the tree fruit during this critical time, leaves will drop if moderate stress and fruit will join the drop party if stress is severe. There is alot of information on this forum relating to the above, either some nice person will list them all out for you or you can search the topics in the forum. Good luck, if this is your first year, be prepared for frustration. :)

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citrus generally self thin several times from the time it blooms till the fruits are ripe. realistically, i'd estimate about a dozen or so fruits will hang on till maturity.

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Unless, of course, you did the abrupt light change from full sun to indoors; in which case, you are likely to experience the dreaded leaf drop, along with most of the fruit; if that happens you should remove all the fruit, so the tree can put its energy into new leaves.

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Thanks for your replies!

I gradually moved the tree into the house-first, I put it in a well-lit, unheated sunporch for about a week before moving it inside. The cold overnight temps concerned me so I brought it in.

It has lost a few leaves(these were yellowed). I did pot it up well, following suggestions I read here on this forum so I hope it will be okay.

I'd be happy to get even just a few fruit this year!

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Just returned from a 2 week vacation to find my Meyer still hanging on to about 30 fruit, 95% of it's leaves and most of the branches have flowers forming!

After reading this forum, I fully expected the tree to defoliate as a reaction to lower light levels after bringing it inside. I even warned the house-sitter to expect much leaf loss so I was pleasantly surprised to return home to such a healthy-looking tree with flowers!

The flower fragarnce was one of the reasons I wanted to grow a citrus tree so I am excited!

Kept seeing fabulous lemon trees all over Italy on vacation-can't wait to get to the fruit stage!

Just thought I'd share.

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pgde(Tucson Zone 9)

Hi Carolyn:

Thanks for sharing and welcome to the Forum! I absolutely agree that the fragrance is intoxicating... My in-ground citrus this past spring had their first real blooms and I just had to sit outside in my mini-orchard and enjoy the smell! It made all the work worthwhile....

Have a great holiday season, and I see you are from Canada so I hope you aren't having hockey withdrawal :-)


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Thanks for your kind reply Peter!

Glad to hear I'm not the only one excited over flower fragrance. I remember my first trip to Europe many years ago and finding myself surrounded by the most wonderful perfume-I looked around & discovered I was among some flowering lemon trees. Ya, I know, you don't have to go to Europe to encounter Citrus trees but I've never been to Florida or California or other southern states. Our closest Botanicaal garden established a Mediterranean garden a few years ago and it's been the only other place I've encountered this wonderful fragrance.

You're so lucky to grow them in the ground, Peter. I know there are some people in my zone who go through the fall ritual of digging a deep trench in the garden and burying their tropicals to over-winter them but I really wanted to have this tree in my home to enjoy.

I'm not a hockey fan so no withdrawl here but I know people who don't seem to know what to do with themselves without it, heh, heh!
Have a good holiday season too!

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Ha- fragrance is the only reason I have citrus trees.

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