Help with wilting cuttings

sturgeonguy(5a ON)April 28, 2008

It makes sense that when you take a cutting it is going to wilt before it establishes itself. I am wondering, however, whether this problem is worse when the cutting is more fully grown.

I havenÂt been having as much success with a couple of varieties, so I let the sprouts grow longer on the tubers. To the extent that they had 3 full sets of leaves plus the stem bud before I cut them. I waited until the 3rd set of leaves had opened, facing the light, before I cut them.

I immediately planted them in potting soil that was heavily watered, plus coated them with rooting hormone. Within an hour they had fallen over, and given their large size, this has me worried.

1. Should I have taken the cutting sooner?

2. Can such a large cutting stand itself back up again?

3. Should I trim off more leaf sets to lessen the load on the established stem?



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You can easily take cuttings that root easily with no chemicals. All pots need to be sterile, use bleach. Use soiless mix such as Sunshine #3 or4 or something called germination mix. Do not use potting soil. Take cuttings by cutting them from tuber 1/16 of an inch above tuber. This will include the best part of the stem to root. Cutting material should be about 3 inches tall plus or minus one inch. Place cutting in moist soil mix in the small pot and place into a clear or white plastic bag and tie shut. Place pots in bags under florescent light source about 6 inches from the bulb. They will be rooted in 12 days. Temperature of area where this is done should be about 70 degrees. I have taken several thousand cuttings using this method.

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