Are my dahlias still viable? Dog got to them...

nathan1991April 7, 2013

i have been a member for years (over in potager gardens and houseplants), but am totally new to dahlias and I, for the first time, attempted to store some dahlia tubers this year. i stored them in moist sand in a cardboard box. over the winter we got a puppy, (bull mastiff) who thought the dahlia would be nice chew toy for her play with. I managed to get the tuber away from her quickly, but now i am wondering if it is still viable. I'm not too sure what eyes would look like forming on the tuber, but i can't see anything that looks like them. i am hoping for some of you, who are smarter than me, to help me out.

here is one of the roots. and a close up of the crown. they stayed nice and plump like this all winter, but you can see the teeth marks on them still.


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Most likely, it will be fine. As long as the eyes and neck are not damaged, the fat part of the tuber can handle a little love/abuse.

But here is the ultimate test. Leave it indoors or outdoors, even in a plastic baggy and watch for an eye to grow. Once you see either an eye bud out or a shoot appear, it will be fine. Eyes are appearing now in California so you should likely see something within weeks.

If there is no eye, it won't bloom anyway and wouldn't be the dog's fault. If it does sprout and then bloom, you will have teeth-holes in the flowers as a memento. (just kidding)

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