fert for cuttings in pots

linht(4a)April 30, 2008

I just received my cuttings from CG today and plan to grow them in large 14 or 16 inch pots with drainage holes. I was going to just use topsoil and mix in some sand or peat moss instead of buying additional potting soil. Am I suppose to mix a fertilizer into the soil a week before? Or just plant it in the pot and fertilize with a water soluble, high N since they are cuttings instead of tubers? I emailed Kevin at CG but just wanted to know if anybody here has done cuttings in large pots and how exactly you potted and fertilized them...



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sturgeonguy(5a ON)

What I understand is that fertilizer for tubers is intended to get them to root, not flower. Ergo, that is your goal too, so you should be able to follow any instructions for tubers and it will work for cuttings too. Personally, I'd opt for no fertilizer at all.


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Thanks Russ,

I guess cuttings work a little differently. Kevin emailed me back and he said it's ok to use a 10-20-20 to mix into the soil before putting into the pots. Then fertilize with a water soluble high N&K once a week for the 1st 4 weeks. Then once a month. When buds form, switch to high P&K.

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