Your Thanksgiving table

jansblooms(z4 IA)November 21, 2006

How will you be decorating your Thanksgiving table? Do you have fresh flowers or foliage to make or supplement your centerpiece? Or, as flower marketers, will you need to purchase flowers for your home and table?

Other than heuchera leaves of a couple colors, I don't have much to add. I've thought about fruits & veggies, with just a few flowers or leaves, and I've thought of buying flowers at the supermarket. I also considered dried flowers, but I don't really like those for the table.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Noni Morrison

Well, we had $75 worth of orders to get out so all we had left was some foliages and odds and ends. So I bought a bunch of peach lily buds and something with weepy bluish leaves and pretty pink berries, and combined them with my white susanqua camellias and rose buds and winter jasmine. It was very pretty even before the lilies opened as I had a nice yellow rose,some pink and peach rose buds, the camellias with their yellow centers and some yellow winter jasmine.

Our "Pineapple Express" that has dumped over 15" of rain on us in November has been waylaid by some arctic air so we will now be ready to switch to bouquets that feature winter evergreens(pine, cedar, douglas fir, holly) and amaryllis .

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jansblooms(z4 IA)

That sounds beautiful, LizaLily! Those colors would have been lovely with my china. You are lucky to have anything fresh to work with.

I settled for fresh oranges, apples, and chestnuts, plus a few ears of mini-Indian corn, a few sheaves of wheat, and some silk fall leaves encircling a simple glass bowl. Honestly, I'm probably the only one in this family who really cares about centerpieces or flowers, so whatever I did was to please myself. However, my granddaughter, nearly 5, kept asking if it was real. She was specifically referring to the apples, which were beautiful and flawless.

The next table decorations will have evergreen and pinecones, plus whatever else I decide to add (white flowers, silver ornaments, silver-sprayed leaves, holly from the florist, cranberries, etc.)

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Our table had dogwood, curly willow, rosehips and oregon grape on it. It still does actually. We are in the midst of cutting all day long with no end in sight. I sold 47 rose and 41 curly wreaths just last night. I am glad the housing boom is cruzing along here in Utah. Everyone needs a wreath or 10 for their house and for gifts! Our winter "farmer's market" is on the 9th. We have 36 vendors so far. I was asked to put wreaths on all the banasters for decorations, so hopefully I can have 200 plus ready for the show. I wish I had all those flowers of July still blooming! Off to the greenhouse I go. I now have 1.3 acres of perenials I have to get ready for next spring!! :)


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