Fat Single Tubers; No Eyes

dwpc(8a - N Arizona)April 3, 2010

Last year I bought a few "Mystic Spirit" dahlias. They did well and bloomed well into October. I dug them up a few weeks ago and was surprised to see that unlike my other dahlias, they had only one fat tuber and nothing that looks like eyes for this year's bloom. Nothing to divide. They look more like smooth potatoes than dahlias. Will these come back this year?

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in short.. they will!!

Although I have read in almost all articles related to the breaking of eyes or the absence of eyes on a dahlia tuber.. that such kind of tuber will never sprout... although I donÂt have pictures to support my experience (sorry for that) .. I once had several tubers of my seed-grown-dahlia, some of them were completely smooth like potatoes...

All those who were completely smooth or became de-eyed (due to my mishandling) began to sprout from mid of tuber.. at first it was just a small nodule which eventually turned into a sprout...

Did anyone have experienced this?? I think that it was due to the more vigorous nature of seed-grown-dahlias or was there a hidden eye any views?



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Poochella(7 WA)

dwpc, the only way to find out if they'll come back is give them a chance to sprout. Give them some light and barely damp growing medium, along with some warmth, and the eyes/sprouts should show up in a couple days to a couple weeks.

Here's a useful thing: the baggie trick. Learned about it right here and can attest that it works well. This was damp potting mix in a ziploc bag, with TOP OPEN for air, to encourage Ivory Palaces to show an eye. (The green sprouts are sunflowers courtesy of our resident mice in the garage.)

Hi Izhar! I've seen smooth tubers, long thin tubers, potato-like tubers, and nubby tubers but have never seen a sprout come from the middle. Growth always seems to come up on the collar near the stem from last year's growth, unless that's the 'middle' you mean.

Here was a tuber with no eye that still grew a mass of roots. So much energy and nowhere to put it: a real shame. No eye, no plant. But you have to give them time to emerge as some are very slow. I've kept tubers til July hoping an eye would show :)

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I think that it all has to do with the proper hormones in the apical meristem (crown) of the plant. I actually like to divide my dahlias before any sprouts show. I am just very careful to give each tuber at least a sliver of the crown/apical meristem so that it has the proper tissues and hormones to produce a sprout. That being said, I too am trying to get some stray tubers (that have broken off by accident and without an apical meristem) to sprout. Yes, they do seem to form weird puckered nodules around the tip where they broke off. Maybe the cells are rearranging to produce the proper hormones and tissues to produce a new apical meristem??? I don't know. I just wish they would hurry up ;) We shall see. I am doing the baggie trick with mine right now. My fingers are crossed.

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I have a five gallon bucket reserved for all my extra eyeless wonders that I can't quite compost on the theory that all they need are time. Occasionally, I'll root through them, and pull out three or four more that have eyed up on the neck where there was no sign before. Those are all sell/trade/donate tubers... The ones that I'm desperate for something to happen gets the bag treatment, or simply potted up and put in a warm place.

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