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disneyhorse(10A)May 8, 2013

Last year I bought a bunch of tubers from pompon to dinner plate and grew in 12" pots. They were pretty.
I decided to dig them up, there were HUGE clumps of tubers! I put them in a bag in a shed and forgot about them till now.
The only clump I remembered to ID was bodacious, but the clump rotted.
My sister wants some so I started to divide the masses with the eyes, but I stopped because I'm not sure if I can divide them so close to planting? Do the new cuts have to "cure" or "heal" before planting?
They are sprouting so I think they need to be planted soon.
I'm in southern CA...
I'd appreciate any help. I just don't want to plant huge clumps because the tiny tubers I originally had filled the whole pots by fall!

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Go ahead and divide them. If you are not planting them into really wet soil then dont worry about letting them "cure".

Hard to believe you grew "dinner plates" in 12" pots! I would think they would need a 5 gallon bucket if they aren't going into the ground. They are usually at least 5' tall.

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They had tomato cages and fertilizer and bloomed pretty well. I just didn't have a good place in the ground for them. The bodacious one was amazing... I might have to get another one! Thanks for the reply.
I have we'll draining soil... I remember I watered once and waited to see sprouts before I watered again.

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