Why is it wilting?

stevebrickleyMay 18, 2005

My Dahlia looks as though I haven't watered it well. It wilts during warmer part of the day here in the San Francisco Peninsula. It gets plenty of water. The soil has ample organic matter. I have even given it a shade with an overhead burlap screen and it still wilts. It is about 18 inches tall with numerous stalks and flower buds and looks very healthy otherwise. I thought Dahlias took full sun. Do you know why it wilts?


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Poochella(7 WA)

If it only wilts during midday heat then I wouldn't worry. Some of them are prone to such antics. If it wilted and never sprang back to looking healthy, then I'd gently dig up the tuber and check for rot. But you aren't having that problem.

Now that I think of it, almost ALL my dahlias in the warmest part of the yard wilt in midday heat, and spring back to normal a few hours later. Has it been that warm in the San Fran area?

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Thanks for the reply. It has been either warm or raining here in the SF area. I am glad to hear that your dahlias do the same wilting. I guess I can take down the burlap overhang.


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