Meyer lemon no flowers for one year

suwannee75(5)October 27, 2006

I have a meyer lemon that bloomed well and produced 3 or 4 lemons last summer, the first summer I had it. It had a rough winter inside my house and lost all of its leaves. This summer it came back, grew lots of nice green leaves but no flowers at all. I also have another unknown variety of lemon that flowered last summer but not at all this summer. I am in zone 7b in middle Georgia. I just had someone tell me that my meyer lemon is probably not self pollinating? Any advice?

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ecomtl(5a Qc Canada)

The only thing I could tell you is what I was doing for mine, even though I read both calamondins and Meyers are self pollinators. Being much more north than you, I don't take any chances when I actually have flowers. I pollinate them myself. I take a tiny paint brush (I use #2), and tickle the stamens to collect pollen and touch the pistols of surrounding flowers. I don't really do this when it's warm enough for them to séjour outside, cause the bees around here aren't used to such a treat and do a great job for me.

Hope this helps.


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My two cents worth.You said your tree came back in summer,well
thats too late for it to produce flowers,as they should be
blooming in spring.I am in new zealand,where it doesnt get
wickedly cold.I continue to feed lightly through the winter
but food is very important towards the end of winter and into
early spring,if the tree is strong at that time and fed with
a high nitrogen fert,it will encourage a strong bloom,you will
then need to continue with the high nitrogen fert to ensure
your fruitlets reach their full potential.Its the nitrogen
that ensures that,not high pottasium as people think(that
can cause fruit drop)You might be better to encourage leaf
growth to ensure your tree doesnt die and prune any flowers
until you tree is invigorated.cheers and good luck

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Sawanne, my Meyer's blooms throughout the yr. I take all my citrus out in summer, so the bees might be helping out, but I really deem it necessary to pollinate Meyers.
What happened that your plant lost all its leaves? Must have been some winter. So much can happen in the dead of winter. Never keep your citrus next to a heater..all it'll do is dry out the plant..Use a humidifer to raise NOT keep soil constantly wet. Allow soil to dry out between waterings. If you've more dark days than sunny, withhold fertilizer..I stop feeding citrus in Oct, and start anew in March..I also mist leaves daily. Keep in the brightest window. And last but not least, especailly for stressed plants, there's a product called Superthrive..Use 4 drops per gallon..(this isn't a fertilizer..)In fact, ST is used meant to be used w/fertilizer..though I refrain from using fertilizer in winter, I give 4 drops of ST once a month. 4 drops to 1 gallon of water. Since your tree was/is stresed, you can start by adding 10 drops of ST to a gallon of water.
Also, whenever you're ready to fertilize, use a well-balanced citrus food..If you can't find citrus fertilizer, and Azalia fertilizer works fine..Since these foods are recommended to be used once every three months, you can use a product like Miracle Gro or Miracid in between. Toni

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