Have Tubers - Anyone Want to Trade?

wdw.addictMay 2, 2012

Anyone interested in trading tubers?

These would like to go to a new home :-)

Alloway Candy - Stellar Pk/Wh

Alpen Fury - Anemone Red/Yel

Helene Juul - WL Wh/Lav

Hollyhill Pinkie - M Lac. Pk/Wh

Iceberg - AA ID Wh

Otto's Thrill - A ID Pk

Pagoda - BB SC R

Sky Angel - BB ID Wh/Lav

Vancouver - Novelty Dark Red

Please email me if interested. Thanks!

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Alpen Fury and Sky Angel are gone.

Curley Que - BB IC Pink (Curls after sun down)
Mambo - Anemone Purple

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I would trade for an Alloway candy

I sent tubers to 2 other people here, and I've given some to Mom, friends, Neighbor, 2 customers, roommate, etc., but I still have have:

Citron De Cap($9 tubers)
Crazy Legs
Freckle face
Maybe a Fuzzy Wuzzy
Maybe a Blackberry Ripple
Maybe a Vassio Meggos($12 tubers!)

I know I have at least one or more of most of those. Most of them were just recently pulled out of cool storage, so their stems are still short.

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HighlanderNorth, please email me directly through my member page to discuss the trade. Thanks!

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Do you like to trade for 2013?
I have tree peony to offer,

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