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bryan_ut(z5UT)December 29, 2005

Harris has a nice FM newsletter that it sends out. I just found this out while checking out their site.

Happy New year!!


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Speaking of farmers markets. Last year was my first year selling at a market. I would average 150 to 200 bouquets sold per week at my market. I expect to increase the amount this year. By what percentage I am not sure. I was wondering what kind of volume other flower growers might do at their market. Also do you project increases by a certain percent?

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If you can average that, that is huge. For me that would be almost $50,000 plus wreaths. You must mean smaller bouquets and not the $8 plus ones right?

I plan on a 10% increase each year. I have seen years go up by double and go down as much as 25%. Alot depends on your customers, and other new vendors at your market jumping on flowers instead of veggies. If you get 2 or 3 others selling flowers sales will go down. If you are the only flower vendor and they love you stuff you will sell out.


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Thank you for your input Bryan. I was not sure what to expect as far as increase for this coming year. I sell eight and ten dollar bouquets. I am not the only flower vendor at the market. So I was really happy with my first year at the market. Good luck at your market next season!!

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