Grafting Jades?

ndayNovember 6, 2009

Now, this may just be a fool's daydream, but is it possible to graft jades together in any way? For example, if I have two parallel trunks that are very close to each other, could I remove some skin from each and hold them together? Would they heal together? Would it be possible to graft a branch from a hobbit jade onto a standard crassula ovata? Has anyone done any jade grafting with any success? Any pictures?



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This is an interesting question. I've never heard of anyone doing such a thing. I think the trunk fusion thing would probably fail, but end-to-end grafting might be possible. C. ovata stems are segmented. You will have to cut at the joints, or the graft will certainly fail since partial segments naturally dry up and fall off the plant.

I look forward to hearing what others think about this idea.


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What a GREAT question..If any one has ever done that, and it's almost impossible, they would be rich! I would buy.

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I know both P. afra and C. ovata can be used as rootstock for grafitng Ceraria. Given that, I am sure it is possible to graft C. ovata to itself.

As Brad mentioned, I think the real challenge would be in preventing an entire segment from dropping off before the graft took.

As for the fusion of trunks, the tendency for C. ovata to form a callous will be even more of a problem.

Regardless, it is such a common plant that it is totally worth experimenting with. What do you have to lose? :-)

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Well, I tried grafting two trunks together a while ago - I left the leaves on the tops of both and held the trunks together with a rubber band. I let it sit, but not long enough. I removed the rubber band because leaves were growing underneath it and I wanted to remove them, and the trunks stuck together. I then left the rubber band off, assuming they had grafted together. Unfortunately, about two hours later they broke apart.

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Nate, I think it's a great idea, I did try it 5 yrs ago, but then I didn't know anything about grafting. I didn't have the right materials or tools, please let me know how this attempt works out. I would be interested. Good luck to you, my figers are X so it will work. Norma

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Sounds reasonable to graft one variety of Crassula ovata to another (not clear why, though). It is another matter to graft any member of Portulacaceae (Ceraria or Portulacaria) to a Crassulaceae such as C. ovata. Yale

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tiamet(7 - Middle TN)

I believe I may have the visual evidence you seek...

DISCLAIMER: As you view the following images, please keep in mind that I purchased these jades with the stems already fused. I did *not* do anything to them to cause it. The garden store where I bought them had multiple large trunks in the same pot, and when I separated them each into their own pot, I noticed that two of the plants had fused stems.

This one has two sets of fused stem segments.

When I bought this plant, the fused section was green. The bark grew over the summer.

I hope this was what you were looking for... if I was mistaken, then I apologize for accidentally hijacking your post.


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That's awesome! That's exactly what I was thinking. I suppose that happened naturally somehow at the nursery, which raises two points to ponder: what caused that, and how can I replicate it? Also, will it work with jades with bark, not just green segments? I've got some speculations and some ideas on grafting them, and I'll let you all know how things turn out. It'll be a while, since I only have one jade here at the moment (I'm in college, twelve hours away from home), and it needs to recuperate before I experiment again, but now I'm pretty excited to see what'll happen. Thanks for those pictures!

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