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daylilly99(6b northern VA)May 16, 2008

Who are suppliers with good reputations and a large selection. I'm located mid-Atlantic so shipping costs might be better if they're not being mailed from the west coast, but I'm willing to pay more shipping for a superior quality of plants.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

Ferncliff. West Coast. Sorry. They DO have an immpeccable reputation though.

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Poochella(7 WA)

That Canadian dollar kills us nowdays Triple B! Ferncliff does have a very wonderful reputation, but there are a couple east coast dahlia sources that have good feedback as well.

Shipping isn't that much more expensive, I don't think, from one coast to another, but if you run across exceptional service and quality tubers or cuttings, please let us know.

Ferncliff Gardens Reviews B.C.

Endless Summer in Maine

Hilltop Gardens in N.C.

Pleasant Valley Glads and Dahlias in MA

Ednie Flower Bulb Co. NJ

There are others on the east coast without reviews or feedback, some not specific to dahlia sales, but still with good reputations. Check it out. Cut and paste the URLs into your browser, visit their websites, but order soon.

I have no reason to leave most of our NW vendors because many of them know dahlias like the backs of their hands. It pays to be vigilant though, and the Garden Watchdog is a valuable source for feedback on personal experiences from the public.

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triple_b(BC 5b)

yes well although our dollar parity make it cheaper to buy some things in the US the taller shipping expenses often soak up the savings. One thing I have learned.
What kills me is NONE of the US rose growers will ship to Canada because of phytosanitary stuff and disease control. And you guys get some killer deals that we don't.
The good and bad of it all I guess.

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