winter flower arrangement

Noni MorrisonDecember 3, 2006

Anyone looking for ideas for a special holiday arrangement? My flower friend and I came up with a beauty that you might like.

TAke a clear glass vase (Mine are two half globes that hold 2 quarts of water each). Buy aa small string of white lights that is battery opperted, and enough clear and colored marbles of your choice to fill the bowl. Insert a plastic cup with lid filled with water and flower food into the bowl and arrange the marbles and lights around it with the lights behind atleast 1 layer of marbles. HAnd the battery pack down the back. THen cut the hole big enough in the lid of the cup and place your special flower (We used a head of red and white amaryliss and a fan of bamboo behind it) in the water. We set the amaryliss low enough in the vase that the lower edge of the flower hid the lip of the cup. Turn on the switch in a not too bright room and oh my goodness!

We used a pair of these at church today and they were so spectacular! How lovely they would be for a candle light party! Our light strings only had 10 lights. 20 would have been even better for that size bowl but if the room is slightly dark it should glow like magic!

I thought I did not like amaryillis until we started using them as cut flowers and now I love them!

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jansblooms(z4 IA)

That sounds beautiful, LizaLily. As cut flowers, amaryllis would be beautiful. As plants, well, they just have too much stem. Putting the bloom over the lip of your vase seems much more "together" without the long stem. Thanks for sharing your idea.

What's the vase life of amaryllis?

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farmsteward(North Carolina 7)

Did you take any photos to share?

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Noni Morrison

I could do that if my camera batteries are charged..I will go check!

OK, batteries now charging.....standby for transmission in a while!

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Noni Morrison

WE are using them when the first flower is fully open and it looks like a stem will last atleast 2 weeks. WIll try to give you an update on this when I toss this stem.

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