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bfff_tx(z8b TX)December 20, 2006

I know this stuff needs to be directed seeded but can anyone tell me when this should occur. Is it a hardy (frost tolerant) annual like snaps, statice, dianthus, etc or is it like Ageratum and will shrivel up from a frost? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Even if it's what zone you are in and when you seed it will help me out.

My last frost date will be 2nd/3rd week of March and min temp may be in the mid to high 20's over winter.

Thanks all.


Billabong Fresh Flower Farm

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By now you've probably answered your own question. This should have been directed seeded in the fall along with larkspur, hesperis, and/or whatever else that you direct seed in the fall. Here in the Midwest fall sowing works not so well the last few years. And, I think I read somewhere that some growers have successfully grown bupleurum in deep (because of the root system) plug trays. This plant is 90 days sow to bloom. If you're sowing them the second or third week of March, isn't it going to be too hot in Texas?

BTW. Your website with the nice photo of the Joker sunflower on the Home Page hasn't been modified since 11/16/2005?

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